WHIDC was organized in 1978 to serve the residents and businesses in Northern Manhattan. We are tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. WHIDC is also a United States Treasury Department Certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).


WHIDC's activities include the operation of a micro-business development program, the Business Operating Success System. BO$$ has assisted in the creation of over 500 micro enterprises in our community since 1992. BO$$ provides one-on-one assistance to micro-businesses and entrepreneurs. BO$$ services are aimed at assisting entrepreneurs with limited educational, attainment or English language or business management expertise. They include street vendors, storefront and in-home businesses. BO$$ assisted over 250 entrepreneurs in 2014. WHIDC was selected by New York State of NY to operate the Upper Manhattan Entrepreneurial Assistance Center in 2008. In May of 2011 we implemented a legal assistance component with the law firm of Clifford Chance,and the NYU School of Law. In February 2014 we opened a satellite office in West Harlem. Earlier this year, we started out our Veterans Business Assistance Center which services veteran entrepreneurs throughout Manhattan and the Bronx

The BO$$ Micro Business Loan Program has made 411 loans totaling over $6,352,320 since the loan program's inception in 1995. BO$$ loans range from $100 to $50,000. Two thirds of these loans have gone to small storefront businesses with the balance going to street vendors, and in-home businesses. A third of our loans go to start-up businesses. Of the loans to individuals, 94% have gone to minority- and over 40% went to women-owned businesses. These loans have created over 524 full-time jobs and 145 new businesses in our community. We are one of the most active and successful micro business lenders in New York City.

Child Care Business Development

Childcare is a major growth industry in our community. Despite the need for such services, most childcare providers fail due to their lack of business skills. To address this, we provide business development services to home- and center-based providers in Upper Manhattan. The program includes a 22-session Spanish-language classroom training seminar that assists enrollees with marketing skills, accounting systems, finance, taxes, contracts, liability issues and success planning. Upon graduation, participants receive one-on-one business counseling and assistance in securing grants and BO$$ loans. An English lnaguage training was added in 2014. The program has completed 20 cycles, graduating 319 providers, who have opened209 new childcare businesses, created 275 new jobs and 1,024 new childcare slots in our community. Their average incomes have risen from a rate of just over $19,000/yr to over $36,000 within one year of graduation. Our 21st cycle started in December, 2015 (in Spanish) and our 22nd (English) will start in March, 2016 at our West Harlem Office.

"WHIDC's Childcare Business Development Program featured on Univision!"

WHIDC's Chldcare Business Development Program featured on Univision!


WHIDC researches business development potential within the community.

La Plaza De Las Americas

WHIDC administrates the year-round La Plaza De Las Americas street vendors market on West 175th Street between Wadsworth and Broadway. La Plaza serves as a micro-business "incubator" for between 20 and 50 individuals (depending on the season). WHIDC secured a $3,000,000 "Plaza NYC" award under which the City permanently closed off the street to vehicular traffic and converted it into a park-like plaza that includes a fountain, trees, information kiosk,and public toilet. It also accommodates the vendors market and special events. Construction started in April of 2015 and will be fully completed by Spring of 2016. It opened for business on November 23, 2015 (minus the information kiosk and final electrical and water supply connections).

WHIDC has produced the Festival since 1983. This one-day festival attracts visitors from throughout the region to see that our community is a nice place to visit and a great place to invest, live and conduct business in. The event features jousting knights on horseback, falconers, Medival-style entertainment, educational events and over 100 performers in period costumes. Admissions is free. It has grown into the largest scheduled event in all NYC Parks, routinely attracting over 60,000 - 70,000 visitors. The 2016 festival will be held on Sunday Setember 18th.