Medieval Festival Performers Rules & Regulations

Load In

All groups will be provided with detailed instructions leading up to the festival, including a point of contact. All groups are encouraged to arrive 1 hour before performances. Your point of contact will help you locate parking and will direct stage crew helpers to you. Parking may be limited and several blocks from your stage. Our volunteers will help you navigate the crowds and locate your stage. Please try to arrive in as few vehicles as possible to make logistics easier.

Load Out

Volunteer stage crew members will also assist your group in getting back to your vehicles following your performance. Allot at least 30 minutes to depart after you break down the stage as volunteers are limited.


All groups will be expected to provide a stage plot, equipment list, and any other relevant information so our sound crews can properly prepare for your performance. All sound systems are provided by the festival, so groups do not need to bring their own sound equipment. All groups are expected to arrive on time. Arriving late may result in your performance being canceled.

Weather Policy 

Our festival goes on, rain or shine! In the rare and unfortunate case of extreme weather we would cancel the affected day. We are not able to have a rain date due to the location and permits of our festival.

Cancellation Policy

If groups cancel or do not arrive for their performance, no booking fees will be paid by the festival. If the festival is canceled, booking fees will be paid to performers.