Washington Heights & Inwood Development Corporation Office

WHIDC response to COVID-19

Dear WHIDC Community,

This week has been a rough one for everybody. We understand this is a time of high uncertainty and challenges to keep many businesses afloat. Our city is facing a mounting threat in the coronavirus epidemic.  We must move aggressively now to slow the outbreak in New York City.

As of tomorrow, March 17th, my staff will be working remotely. We will begin virtual office hours Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm.

We are also encouraging you to use this email: info@whidc.org to access assistance during the times stated above, and you should receive a response within an hour of emailing.

As the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread, I ask that you remain committed to practicing social distancing. Reducing social contact and population density is key to ensuring we are weakening community spread of the Coronavirus. 

The CDC has put together a list of FAQs that you can access here. They also have a guide to disinfecting your home if needed.

We want you to know that we take this situation very seriously and wish everybody stays safe. As a business community, let’s be calm and strong. We’re resilient and with each other’s support we’ll get through this moment-in-time together.

Jahaira Guerrero, Executive Director